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Before starting any research, there is a clear understanding between the genealogist and the client regarding the type of genealogy being requested and the specific genealogical questions that need to be answered. Clients can also specify the maximum number of hours to be expended for research, which allows them to stay within a specified budget. The number of hours required to perform research and write a report depends on the project's complexity.


Although my research and analysis are exhaustive, I cannot guarantee that the research question(s) can be answered, as there may be no record to support an evidence-based conclusion. However, clients can expect a thorough and intensive search followed by a work-cited report that details an analysis of the evidence discovered and how that evidence supports a specific conclusion.              

These are the services I can provide:

  • Family History Research

  • Deed Research

  • ​Lineage Society Research

  • Probate 

  • Translation & Analysis of Old Documents

  • Photograph Dating

  • Resolving Genealogy Problems- "Brick Wall" Issues

  • Other Genealogy-Related Research


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