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Hello, my name is Christopher Hill, and I am a retired North Carolina Sheriff. During my long career, I spent many years as a criminal investigator, successfully solving many complex criminal cases. In addition, I am a professional genealogist with a Certified Genealogist Credential. I have lived in eastern North Carolina my entire life, enjoying the people and places that this great State possesses. I specialize in family history, probate, lineage society applications, and deed research. My geographic experience is in North Carolina and other southeastern States. I hold a BS degree in Criminal Justice Administration, an MS degree in Criminal Justice, and a Genealogical Research Certificate from Boston University.     

In 2004 I began my genealogical journey, investigating and researching my family history. Over time, my skills and knowledge advanced, allowing me to help others who desired to know more about their ancestral heritage.   

I have experience performing research for clients interested in becoming lineage society members, such as those within the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America. My investigative experience has been utilized to perform the research needed to discover destroyed cemeteries and land ownership through deeds and probate, as well as to research and document family histories. I can work through problems and break down brick walls that typically plague genealogical research.   

If you desire to discover or know more about your ancestral history or need help with any other genealogy-related project or issue, please message me through this website, by email, or by contacting me at 252-764-2034.  

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